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Today, businesses know that IT is essential to their mission: with 78% of small business leaders stating that IT is a top investment for them in 2022, Gartner predicts a worldwide IT spend of $4.4 trillion this year. Overall, this is good news for CIOs and other technology professionals – but it also represents a challenge that will require innovation to overcome. Increasingly, business leaders are expecting results from their investment. In order to meet
Ray Steen, Chief Strategy Officer of MainSpring was the featured guest for Brilliance Security Magazine’s podcast discussing how managed security service providers can help protect against ransomware. Podcast topics included: The common vulnerabilities threat actors exploit to launch a ransomware attack. The relationship between the size of a business and the likelihood it will be a victim of Ransomware. What small businesses and SMBs can do to protect against a ransomware attack, and what should
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Like the role of chief information officer (CIO), the role of virtual CIO (vCIO) is steadily growing – so much so that the term “vCIO” has become a buzzword in some industries, with “real” vCIOs going out of their way to distinguish themselves from pretenders. But the position is not a fad, and demand for vCIOs won’t disappear any time soon, especially among small businesses. vCIOs: a unique partner Combining the twin hats of business
Ray Steen, Chief Strategy Officer, MainSpring, Inc. was quoted by TechNewsWorld on New Software Vulnerability Zeros In On Microsoft Programs View the full article New Software Vulnerability Zeros In On Microsoft Programs. Ray Steen, CSO with MainSpring, an IT managed services provider in Frederick, Md. agreed that the workaround would have a minimal impact on users. “MSDT is not a general troubleshooter or support tool,” he told TechNewsWorld. “It is only used to share logs with
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In today’s fast-moving world, information technology (IT) is not an optional investment: it is the foundation for workplace productivity, and the channel through which customers and clients interact with your business. But with cybercrime on the rise and major upheavals in the tech landscape, the risks of a poorly managed IT strategy are rising – with it, so is the cost of maintaining your IT infrastructure. vCIOs to the Rescue According to recent reports, 53%
Cybersecurity Threat Preparation
Ray Steen, Chief Strategy Officer, MainSpring, Inc. was quoted by UpCity on Cybersecurity Threat Preparation and Prevention Measures. View the full article 2022 Study: 50% Of SMBs Have A Cybersecurity Plan In Place. “Remote workers are back to a break-neck work pace, most use multiple devices and they face upwards to 1,000 electronic messages a day. They’re highly susceptible to doing the wrong thing – by accident. As a precaution, businesses should deploy an automated,
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Just What is a vCIO Anyways? Four Answers from Our IT Professionals Today, small businesses and large enterprises alike need outsourced IT providers to manage the delivery of mission-critical services like networking, infrastructure, and security at an affordable cost. At MainSpring, we hold ourselves to a high bar, constantly seeking new ways to reduce costs for our clients, raise their bottom line and boost their resilience against a rapidly changing world of IT trends. To
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Today’s small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) are struggling to remain competitive and grow their bottom line amidst changing workforce trends and a rapidly shifting tech landscape. From cybersecurity threats to the rise of remote employment, constant disruption has become the new normal, and business owners know that IT is key to their survival. According to a survey performed by Forbes, 78% of small businesses say that technology will be a top investment for them in 2022.
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If you don’t think curling up with the latest issue of the Journal of Econometrics is the recipe for a fun weekend, you may not have heard of the Sokal hoax. In the 1990’s, a mischievous physics professor at NYU was able to submit- and publish- many outlandish articles in legitimate academic journals. One of them was about whether “dogs suffer oppression based on their perceived gender.” (For a quick dive into the controversy, check
As you prepare for a new year, your IT Managed Services Provider may be considering a transition to the cloud. Or you may have migrated to the cloud a few years ago and want to optimize your infrastructure. As cloud operations provide a few years of total cost statistics, your best choice may be a hybrid solution. What is the impact of cloud migration on the total cost of goods? It is time to look
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