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ChatGPT, Copilot and other AI automation tools are rapidly arriving – but how can your business leverage them effectively? Read on for guidance. (more…)
cloud security, why businesses move to the cloud
IT’s reputation as “the department of no” is a tongue-in-cheek recognition of IT workers’ status as the gatekeepers of workplace technology, and their tendency to keep that gate sealed shut. But that status might soon be a thing of the past—if it isn’t already. The rise of remote work, smartphones, and cloud computing technology limit IT departments’ ability to control employee access to software, and to effectively monitor their work activities. Hence, the corresponding growth
outsourcing IT Strategy in 2023
With 2022 behind us, we at MainSpring look back on a year full of challenges and successes. In the midst of an IT landscape filled with complexity and risk, we are proud of the difference we have made for our partners and clients – meanwhile, we’re hopeful that we will make an even bigger difference in the coming year. The arrival of 2023 brings with it many trends that will force businesses to rethink their
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This article was originally published by Brilliance Security Magazine, view here. By Ray Steen, CSO at MainSpring Small businesses spend a lot of money upkeeping legacy IT architecture because they’re afraid to pull the trigger on costly upgrades – 79% of businesses are behind on IT transformation, leading to operational inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and higher costs over the long term. Meanwhile, those same organizations are also spending thousands of dollars on SaaS tools they don’t use, diverting funds from IT
Building resilience against small business cyber attacks
John Ambrose Fleming was about to unveil a wireless technology before the public that was sure to change their lives. After investing weeks of effort into his demo, the day finally came. He was just about to send a transmission before an eager crowd of onlookers when suddenly the device came to life. It had been hacked: “there was a young fellow of Italy, who diddled the public quite prettily.” Lines from a Shakespeare poem
IT trends, IT challenges, artificial learning, machine learning, internet of things, cloud computing, digital transformation, remote work and transformation, edge computing
This article was originally published by Spiceworks, view here. Disruption is the only constant in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape – not only does your business need to be prepared for the challenges it is facing today, but also for challenges approaching on the horizon. Ray Steen, CSO at MainSpring, shares top IT trends and challenges that your business needs to prepare for. Armed with strategic knowledge of IT trends and their connection to business
cloud security, why businesses move to the cloud
In 2023, many businesses will be migrating their data and applications to the cloud, with Gartner predicting that global cloud spend will approach $600 billion in the coming year. If you’ve read our previous blog post about managed hosting services, you’ll know we consider this a good thing: among other things, cloud is easy to deploy, flexible and low cost compared to alternatives. But we also said that cloud was more secure – and this
civil servant attack
Ray Steen, Chief Strategy Officer, MainSpring, Inc. was quoted by TechNewsWorld on phishing attacks targeting civil servants. View the full article New Report Finds Nearly Half of 2021 Phishing Attacks Targeted Civil Servants. “But without supervision or the protection of enterprise firewalls, they are easier to reach through a variety of channels,” he told TechNewsWorld. “This increases the number of phishing scams they are exposed to, rendering them more vulnerable than in-office personnel over the long
managed service provider, MSP, managed service providers hosting plan, plan hosting for MSP
Imagine yourself in the following scenario: you go out to eat at a fancy restaurant. When you pull up, a valet offers to park your car. You toss the valet your key, leave a tip and head inside for dinner. Unfortunately, you didn’t notice a sign at the entrance which says: “we charge parking by the hour.” When the time comes to leave, the valet hands you a bill for $97 when parking was $17
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Ray Steen, Chief Strategy Officer, MainSpring, Inc. was quoted by TechNewsWorld and E-Commerce Times on the hijacking of social media accounts. View the full article Social Media Account Hijacking Jumps 1,000% in Last 12 Months: Report. “After falling prey to one identity attack, victims frequently clean up their digital footprint and adopt better security practices,” he told TechNewsWorld. “In this light, a 3% decrease in victims is not as encouraging as it may first appear,”
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