As many organizations have been focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic, an old nemesis has been creeping forward. As I write this blog, the United States is facing the most significant cybersecurity attack of record, with thousands of businesses impacted. With a rapid news cycle, you may have missed the cybersecurity messaging over the past few months. Here are some stats that demand your attention and the attention of your IT team… “Cybersecurity impacts 1 in
In June 2021, Microsoft announced the upcoming launch of Microsoft, version 11. With any new software version launch, the announcement was followed by industry questions. Back in 2015, you may have thought that Microsoft Office 10 was the last version. Well, a lot has changed in everyone’s work environment since then. Microsoft 11 is the client operating system for desktops and laptops to tablets and 2in-1s. It is an upgraded platform for how we work today.
A sign-on bonus, extra vacation time, a hybrid work schedule, and even a paid family adventure vacation. Those are just a few incentives that organizations in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland (DMV) region are offering potential new hires. The DMV talent war is here. This blog reveals another company incentive that may be overlooked in today’s talent war.  That incentive is managed technology services. Yes, a smooth day at the office or as a work
As I write this blog, there are two wide-spread stories in the national news. First, in the past few weeks, American business has been hit with cybersecurity failures. The other topic is returning to the office as Work from Home (WFH) may be winding down in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region. What if the two stories collide? What if a return to the office sparks a cybersecurity risk? Back to the office and cybersecurity
As the DMV region contemplates a return to the office or even a hybrid workforce, companies of all sizes are re-thinking their business plan. We know that a lot has changed in the past 18 months, and our community is striving to get back to a stable business footing. We have seen trends change fast in recent months, but one core business strategy stands the test of time. The path to stability must include an
If you are planning a return to the office, you may be considering a hybrid solution. As organizations across the DMV region plan to return to the office, many consider a blend of work from home (WFH) and the office environment. Some are also considering a mix of employees and contractors. In this blog, I provide MainSpring tips for a successful solution. WFH moves to a hybrid solution Recently, I read a news story posted
May 6, 2021; Frederick, MD. Leading IT strategy and consulting firm, MainSpring Inc., announced the addition of Amer Yaqub as a Senior Technology Advisor. “Amer brings a strong track record of business consulting and development experience with leading companies in a number of industries that will help support and accelerate our growth, “ said MainSpring Chief Strategy Officer Ray Steen. Amer began his career in sales at AT&T working with small and medium-sized businesses in
FREDERICK, MD – May 3, 2021 – Amer Yaqub, an executive sales and business development manager, has joined the team at MainSpring as an outside sales executive. The DC-area firm hired Yaqub to develop business and new client relationships in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, serving as a leading IT managed services provider (MSP).   “Yaqub’s business, leadership, and consulting experience bring over two decades of relationship-building experience to MainSpring,” said Ray Steen, MainSpring’s chief strategy
Modern cybercrime needs a current solution, and your IT plan is the cornerstone. As a technology solution and services provider in the DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland regions, MainSpring secures clients’ communication and data in both the public and private sectors. This blog is about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and the Department of Defense but keep reading if you work within the private sector. You will also find this blog helpful, especially if
“Your shipment is on backorder.” We have all heard that statement in the past year. Or we have traveled to a retail location to find the items on our list are out of stock. Add a surge in eCommerce, and you may be wondering when or if you will find the supplies you need. The one-plus-year COVID pandemic has created havoc in both our local and national supply chain. There is no doubt that the
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