Modern cybercrime needs a current solution, and your IT plan is the cornerstone. As a technology solution and services provider in the DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland regions, MainSpring secures clients’ communication and data in both the public and private sectors. This blog is about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and the Department of Defense but keep reading if you work within the private sector. You will also find this blog helpful, especially if
“Your shipment is on backorder.” We have all heard that statement in the past year. Or we have traveled to a retail location to find the items on our list are out of stock. Add a surge in eCommerce, and you may be wondering when or if you will find the supplies you need. The one-plus-year COVID pandemic has created havoc in both our local and national supply chain. There is no doubt that the
Did you get the memo? Many of us in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC regions will be heading back to the office later this year. Businesses and organizations across the DMV region have started notifying employees that some will return to the office in the coming months, leaving many with a hybrid model. IT teams are now preparing for the return of staff to the office environment. The transition to Work from Home was rapid
FREDERICK, MD – March 5, 2021: The U.S. Army has awarded MainSpring, Inc., in partnership with CACI International, the opportunity to continue to support the U.S. Army’s Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) program via a $96 Million Task Order. Under the task order, awarded under the GSA Alliant 2 contract vehicle, medical record software will be integrated and deployed to the front lines. Tactical medical information management and information technology (IT) will deliver
Typically, portals in FileMaker are used for showing related data. However, a portal based on the same table as its layout would simply display the current found set. If you made the portal large enough, the layout would appear as a list view- which wouldn’t be very helpful. So, in this blog, we will make the portal smaller and create a powerful layout design, the Master Detail portal. If data requires or if users request
The sale doesn’t end in the eCommerce shopping cart. How many times have you researched a product or read reviews before purchase? We all do our research. Lately, I have noticed a trend of high star reviews for the actual product and low star reviews for the sale’s customer service. Negative reviews may stunt your company’s growth, and the problem may be tied to technology. What is behind the negative reviews? You may have a
This year is all about setting objectives and streamlining technology. In today’s competitive marketplace, your business needs to ensure that it maintains a plan to implement not only the latest technology but the right tools that fit your goals. Browse the MainSpring blog library, and you will find tips to increase productivity across your organization. While browsing, you will find a piece of reoccurring advice: Consider hiring a consultant to bring fresh ideas to your
I decided to write this blog after the rise in popularity of recent MainSpring blogs on productivity. What lessons have we learned in the past twelve months, and do productivity tips stand the test of time? Whether you are working from home (WFH) or in an office environment, managing your email inbox is still a concern for many. Many have responded that WFH has actually increased the traffic in their inbox. This MainSpring blog with
We all have social media accounts. Team MainSpring posts regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The posts are part of our monthly plan to share advice on IT security and productivity tips. But we are also aware of the cybersecurity threat social media carries, and you should be too. Social media in the news If you have watched the news in the last six months, you may have noticed an increased spotlight on social media.
If you are experienced in developing in FileMaker, you know you can create indexes, which are lists of the words or values in a field. FileMaker Pro uses indexes for searching and for joining related tables. Indexes increase the speed of searches as well as support other features like sorting, using value lists and field validation. Picture the index at the back of a big textbook. When searching for a specific topic, you find it easily
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