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Just What is a vCIO Anyways? Four Answers from Our IT Professionals Today, small businesses and large enterprises alike need outsourced IT providers to manage the delivery of mission-critical services like networking, infrastructure, and security at an affordable cost. At MainSpring, we hold ourselves to a high bar, constantly seeking new ways to reduce costs for our clients, raise their bottom line and boost their resilience against a rapidly changing world of IT trends. To
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Today’s small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) are struggling to remain competitive and grow their bottom line amidst changing workforce trends and a rapidly shifting tech landscape. From cybersecurity threats to the rise of remote employment, constant disruption has become the new normal, and business owners know that IT is key to their survival. According to a survey performed by Forbes, 78% of small businesses say that technology will be a top investment for them in 2022.
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If you don’t think curling up with the latest issue of the Journal of Econometrics is the recipe for a fun weekend, you may not have heard of the Sokal hoax. In the 1990’s, a mischievous physics professor at NYU was able to submit- and publish- many outlandish articles in legitimate academic journals. One of them was about whether “dogs suffer oppression based on their perceived gender.” (For a quick dive into the controversy, check
As you prepare for a new year, your IT Managed Services Provider may be considering a transition to the cloud. Or you may have migrated to the cloud a few years ago and want to optimize your infrastructure. As cloud operations provide a few years of total cost statistics, your best choice may be a hybrid solution. What is the impact of cloud migration on the total cost of goods? It is time to look
As you prepare for 2022, it is also time to audit your business emergency preparedness plan. Why is a business emergency plan essential? I spoke to MainSpring vCIO Cleon Lenhardt for perspective. His response? “Imagine the cost impact to your business if it is shut down for just three hours…your employees sitting at their desks unable to work, your point-of-sale system stalled, your assembly line quiet.” Cleon Lenhardt, MainSpring vCIO Perhaps, imagining your business shut
The DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia (DMV) regions are far more than just the center of our federal government. They are also home to a technology corridor and a center zone for most national associations. The currency of association management remains its membership. So, as membership lags during the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact is felt across the DMV region. The effect is felt as income drops, and dues are unpaid. We are also impacted as
What’s wrong with an email that starts with “Dear valued customer”? Over 70% of businesses have been hit with a phishing attack, and data has been compromised. Your first red flag may be an email that starts with “Dear valued customer.” Earlier this month, we published a blog; if you see something, say something. As MainSpring continues the discussion of cybersecurity, it is essential to discuss establishing a human firewall. In this blog, I will
We’ve all heard “if you see something, say something,” especially if you live and work in the DMV region. That notable quote began almost two decades ago during a Department of Homeland Security information campaign and became the beacon for post-911 vigilance. Strangely, the mantra still rings true today in the corporate world, but on a completely different security front – cyber security. What happens when something looks “off” at your organization. Does everyone have
Recently, we published a blog outlining the reasons that some technology goals remain unmet. Traditionally, IT professionals and teams plan for the incoming year in Q4. It’s a time to reflect on what worked and what goals were not met. And it is a time for restructuring and planning. It is also a great time to sit down with the MainSpring vCIO team. Over a cup of coffee, I recently sat down with our team
If your organization has a cyber insurance policy, you may have noticed a new requirement. Your insurance agent may have recently called to review your cyber security protocols. If you do not yet have a cyber insurance policy, it is time to review your options. Note that many insurance brokers will not even set up an appointment with a new client until they have implemented an MFA policy. Times have changed. As I write this
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