FileMaker solutions

Providing custom, cost-effective apps for your organization

Custom FileMaker solutions for your organization

MainSpring’s team of certified FileMaker consultants, developers and trainers work directly with a wide range of clients worldwide, including businesses, nonprofits, as well as local and federal government agencies, to develop solutions that align with organizational goals and impact the bottom line.

MainSpring’s promise is to deliver strategy, simplicity and innovation in ways that help organizations grow and better control their mission.

 FileMaker proactive development & support (AMP Pro)

Get on-demand support for your existing FileMaker solution from an award-winning team of experts ready to lend you a hand.

  • On-demand application support for existing FileMaker solutions
  • Tweaks and enhancements to existing applications
  • Proactive development
  • Controlled costs via a predictable monthly budget
  • User support and software installation

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FileMaker consulting (MVP development)

Develop solutions that solve business problems. Using an Agile process, we give clients total control of their solution and we deliver predictable results.

  • Enhance your existing FileMaker solutions
  • Build new features and custom systems
  • Upgrade to a newer FileMaker platform
  • FileMaker integrations with third party tools
  • Web development
  • FileMaker Go development for iPad and iPhone

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 FileMaker licensing

Save money on licensing. Nobody sells more FileMaker licenses in all of North America than us. Awarded FileMaker’s Business Growth Partner of the Year four times, organizations rely on MainSpring’s FileMaker licensing expertise.

  • FileMaker user licensing
  • FileMaker site licensing
  • FileMaker education & nonprofit licensing
  • FileMaker licensing maintenance

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FileMaker training

Learn the ins-and-outs of FileMaker. Our FileMaker certified trainers offer a variety of training and coaching sessions, including virtual/online training, client-site training, instructor-led training and custom training, to get you over the hump.

  • FileMaker introductory training
  • Fundamentals of FileMaker 15/16 training
  • FileMaker Training Series certification course
  • FileMaker coaching/mentoring
  • On-site FileMaker training

 FileMaker hosting

MainSpring offers simple, dedicated cloud hosted solutions for your custom FileMaker applications.

  • Dedicated servers
  • Simple pricing
  • Expertly managed

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