An automated form system for the transportation industry

The newly redesigned FormPro

FormPro was developed for transportation agents to complete the varied applications required by truck insurers.

Agency management systems traditionally available to truck insurance agents are based on Acord forms and are driven by the accounting system. Insurance companies receive handwritten company applications and we are sure that they respond better to a printed form.

Underwriting system

FormPro creates a database of the underwriting information for your customers and prospects. FormPro automatically merges this data into PDF copies of your forms that can be emailed, printed or faxed. FormPro’s data editor allows for a number of flexible ways to easily enter customer data. Unified data entry forms quickly populate alike data across many insurance forms. Each form can also be edited individually, and then saved so that data is shared amongst all forms. Lastly, form data can be imported directly, so customers can submit forms that are quickly imported into shared data.

Training & custom forms

You may have specific forms and needs for your agency. We will be happy to discuss options for adding these to FormPro.

Five hours of online training will be included, along with access to our training video library. Onsite training is available at an additional fee.

Cloud ready

FormPro’s Cloud Integration automatically keeps a history of the last ten versions of each form for each customer, allowing you to see historical versions side by side. FormPro is cloud-host ready, with high availability for users to connect from anywhere without the need for expensive in-house server equipment.

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