Do you want a “reactive” or “proactive” IT partner?


While having a reactive IT support system may sound enticing, it’s actually incredibly inefficient for businesses. These vendors will only “react” with vague support and no system for gaining valuable insights and efficiencies for your company. Reactive support may work in the beginning, but many times the fix is temporary and does not get to the root cause. As businesses and their IT support demands grow, companies must utilize an IT partner that can grow with them.

Proactive IT strategy and support should be your first choice. MainSpring’s solution is ProSuite®, it combines business acumen, hardware, software, and process specifically designed to eliminate the hidden costs of IT, identify risk and exposure, align technology to best practices and provide a clear, understandable vision for the future.

With ProSuite you have a senior-level IT partner, a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), as well as a full support staff. Your vCIO works with you ongoingly to map out end user productivity, identify hidden costs, strengthen compliance, and continually updates infrastructure and internal processes while having your business’ goals and growth strategies in mind. What’s more, they establish performance and systems-based metrics to define a clear path for IT decision-making—decisions that eliminate many of your hidden costs of IT.

ProSuite Key Features

  • Customized strategic approach to IT managed services
  • ProSuite Scorecard & IT Roadmap
  • Proactive, secure, productive, efficient ticketing
  • Unlimited local help desk service
ProSuite Scorecard and IT Roadmap

During the first 60 days of your ProSuite rollout, your vCIO will identify the criticalities of your ticketing and performance data, identify issues unique to your IT infrastructure and processes, and begin to shape your organization’s ProSuite Scorecard. Taking a strategic approach to managing IT security lets you take control.

Learn more about ProSuite and what a fresh Scorecard and IT Roadmap can do to improve your security posture.

The ProSuite Lifestyle

Your vCIO will assure your infrastructure, personnel, processes, and overall compliance fully conforms to industry best practices. Continual engagement with a proactive IT firm like MainSpring will result in substantial improvement to your bottom line – that’s also traceable from root cause to resolution and prevention. In the ProSuite IT management model, your vCIO’s focus will always remain in alignment with your needs to provide a sustainable future for any size business and growth model.

They also continually examine trends in compliance, TPE, ART, RHEM, and UX. When your compliance score hits between 80 and 100 percent, your vCIO starts collaborating with the leadership team and important stakeholders to boost organizational efficiencies. Developing structures feedback loops from personnel will help guide how your organization is effectively utilizing data, processes, and how to provide seamless scalability when needed.

ProSuite – Measuring productivity

A proactive IT partner’s goal is to continually monitor an organization’s productivity and provide improvements to address the root cause of each issue – thus suppressing ticket numbers instead of increasing them.

Gaining ROI through Compliance

MainSpring categorizes each request based on 14 compliance areas critical to your operations. This data, combined with data from the ProSuite audit, gives MainSpring valuable insights in identifying the root cause of all your major issues.


ProSuite Ticketing System

A major pillar of ProSuite is our state-of-the-art end user experience and ticketing support system. Our goal is to provide enhanced support through ticketing suppression and end user productivity strategies within ProSuite. MainSpring hired readability experts to help construct the ProSuite Support Center’s ticketing system so that it’s scaleable, yet easy to use – from the most experienced computer user to the novice.

Measurable end user availability

A good IT support staff or help desk vendor will usually fix problems, but they do nothing to prevent them from reoccurring. This becomes a steep expense if not corrected quickly with a proactive IT support platform like ProSuite.

Continuous escalated level of support

MainSpring developed ProSuite to establish a vetted IT system that provides meaningful metrics, thoughtful monitoring of what’s important, and strategic elimination of IT issues and their hidden costs.

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