Managing IT Costs

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Improving TPE, ART, and RHEM with MainSpring

MainSpring’s IT support model eliminates the hidden costs plaguing your organization.

A proactive IT solutions provider will strive to affect your bottom line in measurable ways by monitoring and improving on the efficiency of your IT engagement.

With our ProSuite model, we can ensure decreases in tickets per endpoint (TPE), average resolution time (ART), and reactive hours per endpoint managed (RHEM).

Tickets per endpoint (TPE)

Average Resolution time (ART)

Reactive hours per endpoint managed (RHEM)

Buying the right IT equipment

IT equipment is a major cost for most organizations. We work with our clients to ensure that equipment is purchased based on its value to increase the compliance percentage or that dated equipment is proactively replaced to reduce TPE, ART and RHEM.

Filling in the gaps of “knowing what you don’t know”

Simplified and informative IT Road Maps and plans give you the ability to see a defined direction and utilize decision making based on real data coupled with strategic and informed strategic IT management.

Security/business continuity

Process, security section compliance, policy, and procedure around employee onboarding, off-boarding and data protection create a more secure environment.

The organization’s vCIO will assure this as part of overall compliance to best practices. The affect on your bottom line is measurable and improves as you continue your engagement with a proactive IT firm like MainSpring.

Risk & exposure

Thorough technology audits based on industry best practices help protect your organization from risk & exposure, no matter the size.

Keeping people in the correct job role

From service request feedback to managing vendors, your organization is positioned better to make IT decisions that impact the organization by leveraging the right IT partnership within Mainspring, instead of delving into the weeds and managing an IT vendor.

Protecting against “shadow costs” of future hires

The scalability exercises that your organization’s vCIO conducts after their compliance exceeds 80 percent ensures that the organization’s staff is both productive and efficient, further maximizing your IT investment. Avoid adding human capital by doing more with the same or less!

Let’s discuss how we can help reduce your IT costs.

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