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Support and Help Desk for Business of All Shapes

At MainSpring, we offer help desk support for your organization. Whether you have a small outfit with no internal IT or a major enterprise with a massive IT department, our goal is to ensure you have direct help whenever you need it.

By utilizing a range of KPIs, we can ensure that our support is effective and valuable:

24/7 Access

One of the most essential elements of tech support is availability. If help isn’t there when you need it most, it isn’t there at all.


MainSpring provides 24/7 help desk access by default. We want you to always have help at your fingertips.


We can also supplement your existing IT resources by expanding your help desk to achieve 24/7 access.


No matter when you contact us, you can expect a fast response and an efficient time to resolution.

The Proactive

Help desk support is typically seen as reactive. While that has some truth, we focus on a proactive model. That requires us to have the right staff in place when you need help — providing genuine expertise for each problem.


It also forces us to manage help desk tickets efficiently and effectively. That’s why we don’t funnel tickets through a single channel. Instead, you can reach us in the way that works best for you. Better yet, different support mechanisms are optimized by channel, providing the best possible experience

Fully Outsourced and Hybrid Support

Our help desk support fits into your organization. You don’t need to adapt to us.


We offer fully outsourced support for organizations that don’t have internal IT resources.


We also provide hybrid support, folding into your existing infrastructure seamlessly.


We can provide entry-level or escalation support, or a combination as needed.

Regardless of which model you utilize, you can expect professional help:

Technical Expertise

MainSpring support personnel are well-trained experts in their areas. When you contact us for help, you get experienced, knowledgeable providers who can solve your problem.


With this, we can enhance your existing IT, or we can fill out the entire help desk as needed.

You can expect high-level expertise from us in every major area of IT:

Customer Service

Our help desk support transcends mere issue resolution—it’s a commitment to crafting a seamless user experience (UX). At the forefront of our service ethos lies the recognition that calling for assistance should evoke assurance, not apprehension.

In tandem with our dedication to customer service excellence, we prioritize UX as one of our quintessential metrics. It stands tall among the core indicators showcased prominently on our clients’ dashboards, reflecting the paramount importance we attribute to it. Direct and transparent, our clients gain unfettered access to their staff’s satisfaction levels with our help desk services, readily visible within their portals. Moreover, our UX journey is designed to be collaborative, enabling end users to share their experiences internally with a simple click—a process streamlined for simplicity and gratification.

Should an individual encounter anything less than stellar service, our director promptly intervenes, seeking insights and avenues for enhancement. We believe in learning from every interaction to continuously refine and elevate our service delivery.

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Help Is Available

You can start setting up help desk support right now. We’ll work with you to build a plan that provides ample support in all of the areas that you need.