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Automation With MainSpring

Automation is here, and it is transforming industries at breakneck speeds. You can keep up or fall behind. If you want to leverage automation and everything it offers, MainSpring can help.

We offer a range of automation services that can help you find, vet, and implement automation tools for any aspect of your organization.

We also provide specialized services with FileMaker and SharePoint — two powerful tools that we have been servicing for years.

Claris FileMaker

Claris FileMaker is a staple in the tech world for database creation and management. Whether you already use FileMaker, want to incorporate it into your systems, or want to improve how you work with it, MainSpring can help.

With a suite of FileMaker services, we can maximize your database resources:

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform, which includes Power Apps, Power Automate, and SharePoint, provides comprehensive solutions for web-based collaboration, enhancing communication, file sharing, and project management capabilities.

Integrated natively within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, the Power Platform offers a seamless experience, leveraging existing organizational assets.

MainSpring’s Power Platform services deliver distinctive advantages, including:

Workflow Optimization

FileMaker and SharePoint offer benefits all their own, but our teams can work with you on workflow optimization through other vehicles as well.


We can review your processes to find and recommend automation tools that speed up efforts, improve accuracy, and lower costs.


From automating emails to providing AI customer support, workflow optimization offers better ways to keep up with your business model.

Content Generation

Content generation AI dramatically reduces development times and improves accuracy and quality along the way. Perhaps the best-known tools are generators like ChatGPT and Dall-E.


MainSpring can help you incorporate these tools or others to speed up writing, image creation, video creation, and other content elements of your operation.


From integration to education, we’ll get your teams up to speed and taking full advantage of AI quickly.

Data and Analytics

Powerful software tools can collect and analyze data for you, all through automated systems. You can measure desired KPIs, discover new KPIs, and advise the general direction of your organization with quantitative analysis.


Data and analytics can work with information generated through sales, support, internal work metrics, third-party data sources, and more.

Specialized Tools

If you want to explore specialized tools for your industry, we can help with that too. As an example, medical facilities might want AIs that can browse medical texts to help with diagnostics.


Or, a sales team might benefit from AI tools that manage contacts and keep customers and clients in the loop with real-time updates.


Specialized tools emerge every day. We can help find and vet them, and when you find a good tool, we’ll integrate it into your technology.

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Automation can save you money, expand your outreach, and help you maximize your potential in every area. MainSpring wants to help each step of the way.