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Cost Management Through Smart KPIs

IT costs can soar if they aren’t managed carefully. Gleaning benefits from IT while minimizing costs proves the key to success in many industries, and MainSpring can help.

By focusing on five essential KPIs, we can carefully measure and control elements that raise IT costs.

Tickets Per Endpoint

Tickets per endpoint (TPE) measures how often your organization needs support for each device you regularly use. At MainSpring, we aim to meet or exceed a goal of .2 to .5 TPE for each organization.


Minimizing TPE represents a more effective IT program. Specifically, it lowers costs associated with downtime and help desk spending.

TPE minimization works through several factors:

Average Resolution Time

Average resolution time (ART) is measured in hours per ticket. Thus, 1 ART is an average of 1 hour to resolve each ticket.


Lowering ART reduces waste associated with IT. Lower waste means lower overall spending for the same output.

The MainSpring goal is to get ART between .2 and .5, and we do this by targeting specific aspects of ticket resolution:

Reactive Hours Per Endpoint Managed

Reactive hours per endpoint managed (RHEM) measures the total support provided and divides it by the total number of endpoints. This KPI provides big-picture outlooks on how you spend money on IT and how those resources are leveraged to your benefit.


MainSpring’s goal for each organization is between .2 and .5 RHEM. Lowering this number lowers the total amount of IT you need in your budget.


RHEM is a great measure of efficiency and can rapidly show you which elements of IT are cost-effective and which ones are not.

Technology Spending

Naturally, technology and equipment, including software, hardware, infrastructure and other solution providers, cost money. If you can lower those costs, you can save money across the organization.


You need effective technology that surgically targets and solves problems in the organization with as little spending as possible.

MainSpring will help you with that, and it starts with good equipment principles:

Efficient Strategy

Your IT strategy will reflect on IT costs more than anything else. Your strategy takes responsibility for managing security risks and their associated costs. Futureproofing, planned downtime, and downtime recovery all control IT-related costs.


MainSpring brings these costs to a minimum through robust strategies. We provide support for security, data management, training, routine maintenance, disaster recovery, network design, and more. A comprehensive strategy brings you the best efficiency, lowering costs at every turn.

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