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Cybersecurity for All Business Models

Every business needs cybersecurity. From small, even one-person businesses to enterprise organizations, modern technology comes with modern risks.

MainSpring offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to businesses of all models. We provide the flexibility to either fully outsource your IT needs or collaborate with your existing team to develop a robust strategy. Our services encompass a wide range of compliance requirements, ensuring that your business meets necessary standards while bolstering efficiency and maximizing the potential of your in-house team.

Risk Analysis

Great cybersecurity begins with risk analysis. By scrutinizing your IT infrastructure and assets, we can look at vulnerabilities to see what risks exist. Compound that by calculating what your organization stands to lose from an attack, and that presents risk analysis.

Once risk is established, your customized cybersecurity strategy finds a central focus and mitigates that risk through a number of metrics:

Exposure Mapping

While risk analysis provides a monetary outlook on cybersecurity, exposure mapping takes the next step. Identify every point of exposure to your networks, data, and technology assets. From those exposure points, we can map vulnerabilities and rate them according to risk. This lays the foundation of your ongoing cybersecurity strategy.

We build exposure maps in three steps:

Awareness Training

In many cases, employee practices present the greatest security risks. Through targeted, efficient training tools and strategies, employees can learn the essentials of security best practices. This mitigates one of your largest risk factors.

Awareness training benefits organizations of all sizes by teaching the fundamentals:

Security Continuity

When security breaches strike, you need plans and practices in place to recover with minimal business disruption. Security continuity services create those plans and teach those practices.

We build out security continuity in five essential steps:

Proactive Strategy

Your proactive cybersecurity strategy encompasses all of the tools, plans, and resources that you invest in protecting your organization. We partner with you to create that strategy and keep it proactive with constant analysis and updates.


One of the best ways to stay proactive in your security strategy is through the implementation of a vCIO(link to vCIO page). This dedicated expert manages your IT and security directly to ensure you are always up to date with the best tools and practices.


Additionally, we cover a wide range of compliance requirements, including HIPAA, NIST 800-171/CMMC, etc., to ensure your organization meets necessary standards.


Furthermore, our membership in the National Cyber Security Alliance enhances our commitment to cybersecurity excellence and staying at the forefront of industry developments.

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