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When creating a custom solution to address your business needs, the starting point is often unclear. MainSpring works with our clients to determine what they really need, and minimize the level of effort (and budget) to get a solution in place. This process begins by designing a solution with simplicity in mind. We call these simple solutions an MVP—or Most Viable Product. It’s equally useful to think of a MainSpring MVP as your Most Valuable Player—it’s the foundation that we build your custom solution on, allowing you to continually add functionality to a solution that’s already paying for itself.

MainSpring’s 25 years of experience helps to streamline the development process and define a scope of work that addresses your critical needs from the very beginning of the project. That way, as soon as the first version of your solution is deployed, you can put it to work and start seeing a return on your investment.

At MainSpring, we pair your ideas with our experienced development team and proven process to deliver on your vision. Working with our team teaches your stakeholders how to execute on their ideas to solve problems.

First development project? No worries—we’ll walk you through the process using our innovative tools and keen expertise honed through the successful delivery of hundreds of custom development projects.

Our development process is as easy as PIE: Plan, Implement, Evaluate.

We’ve created a simplified version of Agile Development targeted to the pace and scale of our client’s requests. Our experienced consultants will teach you how to Plan in a way that ensures you’re getting the most value out of your ideas. We use collaborative tools and best practices to clarify communications around custom development. If you’re embarking on a complex project, MainSpring also offers discovery services that help distill your ideas into a plan.

Implementation is our specialty. With MainSpring, you’re not just getting a developer. Each of our clients work with a fully staffed development team, including a dedicated project manager, senior developer, quality assurance, and support staff, allocated to meet your objectives and deadlines. We also work with clients who have internal development resources by providing coaching and expert resources.

The Evaluation phase of our process is when you get to see the results of your planning and our implementation. MainSpring’s goal is to deliver early and often so that our clients can provide immediate feedback on the direction of their project.

We have the support you need

Once your project takes off, MainSpring offers excellent support as part of our Application Maintenance Plan (AMP) Pro. Our project clients receive 90 days of application support and user support after their rollout date. Clients can then choose to continue receiving unlimited support for their application and users after that 90 days by enrolling in the AMP Pro program, which combines world-class support with a budget-friendly, proactive development cadence. This program helps make sure our clients can continue investing in their system while receiving the maximum return on their investment.

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