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For companies who want to operate at a high level of efficiency, it’s important to have the proper IT support and help desk tools and services that can not only guide you through a solution, but to establish trends, reduce downtimes, and provide more than just communication.

The last thing your IT Support and Helpdesk provider wants is for people to feel frustrated when working with them – but many businesses face exactly that when reaching out to their own helpdesk.

End users are irritated because they waste time on the phone not resolving technical problems.
Your IT staff grows frustrated because they are spending so much time responding to help desk requests and unable to complete other critical activities.
You’re frustrated because your staff is working less productively, your IT support charges are far too expensive, and your highly skilled IT crew is occupied with routine tasks like changing passwords and responding to FAQs instead of becoming more operationally efficient.

MainSpring IT Support and Helpdesk provides seasoned experts and highly technical support ensuring your staff are always receiving top level help – each and every time. No more worrying about novice call center agents following prewritten scripts, only to escalate simple problems to your overworked IT team anyway. Let MainSpring do the heavy lifting while you focus on your end customer and not IT issues every day.

24/7 Escalated Support Center

Instead of using an intermediate level (Tier 1) of support, MainSpring connects Tier 2 engineers with your end users to get to the root cause, resolve issues quickly, and prevent recurrence.

Proactive Helpdesk Model

MainSpring doesn’t channel issues through a single point of contact, thus ensuring efficient ticket resolution while providing a top tier customer experience every single time.

Our expert staff is dedicated to properly training all end users on how to easily access our technical support options. Learn more about MainSpring’s expedited onboarding process today.

Let’s talk about how we can revolutionize your IT support!

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