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Nobody sells more FileMaker licenses in all of North America than us. Awarded FileMaker’s Business Growth Partner of the Year four times, organizations rely on MainSpring’s FileMaker licensing expertise to get the best deal for their organization.

We learn about how your organization uses FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform so that we can provide you with the exact licensing that you need. Plus, we have the inside scoop on all the latest FileMaker 17 licensing updates. Give us a call—our FileMaker Coordinator Maria Melendez-Salas will be more than happy to talk through the different licensing options available and help you find the best fit for your organization’s needs.

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 FileMaker user licensing

FileMaker user licensing is a great option for organizations that need limited user access to their FileMaker solution. Whether your users are connecting using the desktop client, the web, or mobile devices FileMaker User Licensing provides access under one simple licensing program. With user licensing, you are also able to install up to three instances of FileMaker Server.

 FileMaker site licensing

FileMaker site licensing is a great way to save money for organizations who’ve embraced FileMaker’s Workplace Innovation Platform. Site licensing offers a lower price per user since you’re buying FileMaker for everyone in your organization. This offers a wonderful value for organization, while providing access to more people.

 FileMaker concurrent licensing

FileMaker offers a specialty licensing program for users that want to provide access to a shared pool of anonymous users. FileMaker Connection Licensing will allow you to have a specified number of people connected at a given time. If you think you might need this sort of license, please talk to our FileMaker Coordinator so we can make sure your use case supports the need.

 FileMaker education & nonprofit licensing

We know your FileMaker solutions play a crucial role in meeting your mission and serving communities. That’s why we offer a special, discounted rate for education institutions and nonprofits. Be sure to contact us for more information.

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 FileMaker licensing maintenance

Are you pretty satisfied with your FileMaker solution? Renew your licensing for one, two or three years and receive a discounted rate. Be sure to contact us for more information.

»   Save up to 10% on your FileMaker licensing renewals

Find the best license for your needs

With thousands of different FileMaker licensing SKUs, we’ll put in the work to find the best pricing for your organization’s licensing needs. Reach out to our FileMaker Coordinator, Maria, with your specific needs, and she will provide you with a quote locking in the lowest price.

Once your FileMaker licensing is set up, you can explore our other FileMaker services to help you get the most out of your custom application. Our solutions include FileMaker application development, proactive support for your existing FileMaker solution, FileMaker training, and FileMaker hosting.

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