Expect more from your IT solutions

Expect more from your IT services

While our clients’ goals and technologies vary, our promise always remains the same: we arm businesses, nonprofits and federal government agencies with a simpler, more innovative approach to tying technology to organizational goals.

Whether it’s reducing IT overhead, making employees more efficient, increasing membership or sales, or securing critical information, the goal is to use the right strategy, tools and resources to impact a strategic plan. That’s where we believe every leader would benefit to learn our unique perspective on technology costs and results.

IT strategy & support

  • Measurable end user productivity
  • Business continuity & security
  • Strategy: knowing what you don't know about IT
  • Predictable IT costs

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Government consulting

  • IT systems management and support
  • Information assurance and cybersecurity
  • Engineering, testing and evaluation
  • Application development and web services

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FileMaker solutions

  • FileMaker consulting (MVP development)
  • FileMaker support (AMP Pro)
  • FileMaker training
  • FileMaker licensing
  • FileMaker hosting

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SharePoint solutions

  • SharePoint development
  • Simplified document management
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Automation and workflows
  • Intranet and communication channels

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