IT Support and Helpdesk

Unlike others in the IT industry, our IT firm is rooted in a philosophy and approach that, business-wise, aligns with your missions. The problem with this, though, is the only way that you can sort the apples from the oranges is by learning to analyze what you value about IT and where you’re looking for justification.

Changing how you view IT support is a jarring concept because our approach is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced with IT. It severely alters your understanding of what an IT relationship should look and feel like. The results are also jarring because you’ll come to find that you can actually feel and see the impact of your IT model on your bottom line.

MainSpring connects Tier 2 engineers with end users to resolve issues, instead of using an intermediate level (Tier 1) of support. As a result, the Support Centre resolves issues in the least amount of time possible. More importantly, engineers document and analyze root issues, relate them to areas of noncompliance and recommend solutions to prevent recurrence. In short – the focus is to be proactive and prevent repeat issues.

Likewise, MainSpring doesn’t channel issues through a single point of contact; a team mentality and support approach helps protect the end user’s time, resulting in quick and efficient ticket resolution. MainSpring remains focused on user experience and expediency.
During onboarding, MainSpring dedicates time and resources to properly train end users on how to easily access technical support and sets clear expectations around the support experience.

Let’s talk about how we can revolutionize your IT support!

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