Proactive IT solutions

Upgrade and outsource your IT support

When it comes to IT, stop constantly fighting fires—prevent them.

As technology rapidly changes, the pressure builds for your IT staff and/or vendor to keep up. Unfortunately, building or restructuring an IT department to both serve an organization and take proactive measures for the future is an expensive and nearly impossible task for many small-to-mid-size organizations. Often, this level of service requires third-party support, or outsourced IT services. But, even then, not all vendors are created equal.

Take a moment to read the following statements… Do any of them sound familiar when it comes to your IT situation?

  • Our IT team is reactive, not proactive, so we spend our valuable time finding problems rather than preventing them
  • Our IT team asks us what we want to do rather than provide expert advice
  • We have disaster recovery and continuity of operations plans, but they’re not tested regularly
  • We don’t know what we don’t know about IT
  • We have no meaningful IT metrics to help us make decisions
  • Our IT team doesn’t know our business

If you’re unsure about your current IT support model, now’s the time to ask questions.

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