With FileMaker Server 13.0v2, the ability to pass parameters via a URL to WebDirect was disabled, with the exception of the homeurl parameter.

It’s important to understand that this was done for security purposes, even though this stranded a few developers that converted IWP solutions to WebDirect and had counted on these parameters. While most developers have adapted to the changes, the ability to pass parameters is still essential for Web-based solutions.

In September, a developer posted on FileMaker TechNet asking for help with WebDirect URLs. Our team collaborated with Mike Duncan from Soliant and Steve Senft-Herrera to devise a solution to re-enable URL parameters.

We’ve re-opened the stargate for passing parameters via URL into WebDirect. Follow the process that we used to get from a discussion concept to working method, and where this method can take us in the future for integrating WebDirect to other websites.

The concept is fairly simple:

  • Use a PHP page to gather the parameters in memory
  • Redirect the user to WebDirect
  • Read the parameters from memory

I presented this solution at Pause on Error in October and I’m happy to once again share it with you here. Please download the demo files. If you have trouble installing or implementing the solution into your own WebDirect system, please contact us, or post in this blog’s comments section.


  1. This is brilliant, I’m pretty sure, but I’m having difficulty installing and configuring this. I see the “link.php” reference but that does not seem to exist or be included unless it’s part of FMS installation.

    I’m using FMS15 & FMPA15 and uploaded WDParameters.fmp12 to host on my FMS; I’ve tried copying both of your php files to another hosting web server and also the FMS>HTTPDocs>Default & Home folders but to no avail.

    I don’t see any reference from either of your php files to the each other. I wish there was a “readme” type file which explains where precisely to put the files.

    Also, I’m not sure how much I need to customize anything other than replacing “localhost” with my actual server address. For parameters, I’m happy just using “ID” as the sole parameter for the URL to reference its respective record ID.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    Posted by Chase Holden on December 20, 2016.

  2. Hi Chase,

    As of FMS 14, WebDirect parameters were re-enabled and you no longer need to use this technique. See page 28 of this guide for the URL parameter specifications:


    Posted by Mike Beargie on December 21, 2016.

  3. Hi Mike,

    Can I have the recording of your presentation at “Pause on Error”?

    Posted by Pawan Agrawal on December 23, 2018.

  4. There was no recording of that session, most presentations at Pause on Error aren’t recorded. See my comment above, URL parameters were re-enabled in v14 and you no longer need to use this technique.

    We only work with supported versions of FileMaker (15+ at the time of this comment), so if you’re trying to do this on an older version of FileMaker, our first recommendation would be to upgrade.

    Posted by Mike Beargie on December 31, 2018.

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