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Innovative Training Solution for Front Line Responders

Challenge: How Do We Fill a Training Gap?

Tasked with capturing critical medical records in the field, deployed military medical professionals first need to know how to use the MC4 system – quickly. However, most deployed medical units only receive new equipment training on the MC4 system once and in a classroom setting. Meanwhile, the MC4 system receives software updates frequently, creating a gap in what service members learned and what’s actually deployed. What’s more, medical unit personnel rotate every two-to-three years, so the time between learning the system and using the system widens, creating a training and knowledge retention gap.

Journey: Software Training for Army Medical Providers
To fill the training gap, the Army requested MainSpring and its partners to help develop and implement a new solution: online training. The microlearning initiative allows the Army to create a sort of software delta – a deposit of knowledge about the MC4 software – that is able to reach and re-reach users whenever necessary. Essentially, online training allows deployed medical professionals to sustain new skills that they’ve learned in the classroom and quickly apply them in the field.
Impact: Just-in-Time, Online Training

With the Army’s MC4 eUniversity training solution in place, users can log in with a Common Access Card (CAC) and train as much as they want at their own pace, at home and abroad. Since the online solution launched, the Army has realized a higher training completion and retention rate. For instance, in the first month of release (March 15 to April 14, 2016) MC4 eUniversity saw 25 students enrolled in training, of which 11 certificates of completion were granted. What’s more, as of May 31, 2017, an impressive 613 students have enrolled in the courses offered through MC4 eUniversity and accessed training modules. From thoseusers, 225 students have completed the full course and received certification for their training.

Online Training
Background: Who, or What, is MC4?

MC4 is both an Army product management office and a system. As an Army acquisition program, MC4’s mission is to integrate and field the Army capability to digitally capture medical treatment data in operational environments, enhancing continuity of care and enabling a comprehensive lifelong electronic medical record for Service members. Headquartered in Fort Detrick, Md., a team of talented leaders and staff run the MC4 program. Among the team for the past decade are MainSpring, Inc. and CACI, Inc. consultants, who are dedicated and devoted to supporting the MC4 mission via engineering, project management, integration and information assurance experts.

Solution: MC4 eUniversity

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