ProSuite Scorecard

ProSuite Scorecard & IT Roadmap


Prosuite is a proactive IT solution that combines hardware, software and processes specifically designed to eliminate hidden IT expenses, identify risk and exposure, align technology to best practices, and offer a transparent, intelligible version for the future.

Days 1-60: The first phase of your proactive IT journey starts with your designated MainSpring vCIO, who audits your organizations overall IT health to develop your ProSuite Scorecard.

Our audit criteria cover 14 technical areas comparing your organization’s audit to a set of weighted industry-tested best practice audit questions. These inquiries, which cover a wide range of topics like ticketing, workstation warranties, configurations, hardware, security, and policies, provide us with a thorough understanding of your organization’s gaps in IT infrastructure and systems.

On the ProSuite Scorecard, we show your overall compliance % based on a percent score of 1400. 

Using Scorecard, your vCIO will strategically align your organization’s technology to better accomplish your mission while also ensuring that your end users are happy and productive.

Scorecard Features:

  • Metrics for optimizing productivity, and maintaining risk and compliance
  • Real-time dashboard and upgraded UI features for technical teams
  • Continuous audits aligning you to current technology and industry best practices
  • Simplify your IT budget and utilize ProSuite’s other features

Taking a strategic approach to managing IT lets you take control. Learn more about ProSuite and what a fresh Scorecard and IT Roadmap can do to improve your security posture.


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