Last week, MainSpring celebrated the grand opening of their new headquarters location in historic downtown Frederick, Md., alongside Frederick county and state officials and 60-plus partners, employees, friends and members of the community.

The event kicked off with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce (FCCC) and finished with a toast toward the next chapter in MainSpring’s long IT strategy and consulting history.

MainSpring received several citations and proclamations from multiple elected officials and their representatives, including The Maryland General Assembly, the FCCC, the Frederick County Government, the City of Frederick, the State of Maryland and the United States Senate. Each declaration acknowledged MainSpring’s growth, community contributions and injection of innovation it brings to the area as a result of the headquarters move.

MainSpring’s CEO Marshall Micheals, who continues to beat the drum about building legacies, characterized the move to Frederick as life-changing. “To be able to better connect with employees, improve work-life balance, give back to the community, and better serve our clients—this will be our story for years to come,” Micheals said.

Photo credit: M.Dryman Gallery


  1. Congratulations! I am certain that your company will prove to be a tremendous asset to the area and the clients that you serve. We wish you continued “legacy building” success!

    Posted by Jeanie MASIN (Leonardo) on May 4, 2017.

  2. Ray Steen

    Great to see so many people from the community help us celebrate the move!

    Posted by Ray on May 8, 2017.

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