Measurable End User Productivity

Measurable End User Productivity

Our heritage of success at MainSpring has been fueled by a distinctive fusion of culture, people, processes, and technology. Because of this, we provide every customer with a consultative, individualized approach to strengthen and maintain a lasting relationship with every client. At MainSpring, we believe that in order to increase efficiency and achieve corporate objectives, companies must promote the usage of a variety of technologies to meet their productivity and business goals.

Maximizing the productivity of human capital:

The true promise of IT support is to boost end user productivity and increase efficiencies so that companies can accomplish more with less human capital resources. Inefficiencies can quickly be spotted when companies are utilizing inefficient systems, having outdated software, purchasing the incorrect equipment, and being pushed in the incorrect job role. A proactive IT partner mitigates these risks by deploying repeatable mechanisms within the organization to maximize user efficiency.

Your team will boost both end user productivity and return on investment by utilizing the correct metrics, IT training process and knowledge-building activities. Our team of skilled consultants combines in-depth functional IT & Helpdesk knowledge with leading productivity strategies for a wide range of industries to guide your organization.

Measurable End User Productivity:

Organizational executives frequently feel uncomfortable about making IT decisions that affect more than a small number of departments despite being inundated with demands for more services, and IT support. Unfortunately, the cost of IT includes not only the money you pay your vendor, but also the time and effort your staff has to spend dealing with IT-related problems. One question we commonly get is:

How do I know if my staff is able to use their computers in the most efficient manner?

While a competent Helpdesk provider or IT employee will undoubtedly resolve issues, many will not prevent them from happening again. When you consider that every hour your end users spend on the phone with IT support equals an hour of lost productivity, this cost quickly escalates. In contrast, a proactive IT partner, like MainSpring, offers insightful metrics that are utilized to track and resolve IT problems completely – thus enhancing end user productivity from inside the business.

End User Productivity Metrics:

With MainSpring’s ProSuite system, all end user requests are categorized based on more than a dozen compliance areas. This combined with data from the ProSuite audit can give many important insights into your company’s inefficiencies with processes, expenses, customer pain points, and allows end users to analyze the root cause of the issues. The goal of a proactive IT firm must be ticket suppression, and our primary metrics revolve around:

»  Compliance to IT best practices (% Compliance)

»  Tickets per endpoint (TPE)

»  Average resolution time (ART)

»  Reactive hours per endpoint managed (RHEM)

»  User Experience (UX)

Learn more about MainSpring’s Solution – ProSuite:

MainSpring’s solution—ProSuite—combines hardware, software and process specifically designed to eliminate the hidden costs of IT, identify risk and exposure, align technology to best practices and provide a clear, understandable vision for the future.

With the help of a proactive IT firm like MainSpring, organizations are able to develop a comprehensive understanding of their IT strategy, maintain the proper job role throughout their engagement, and make data-informed decisions along the way. Learn more about ProSuite.