Growing up, everyone insists that a college education will open so many doors—and it definitely can! …But, what they don’t tell you is just how competitive it can be to find a job (let alone a potential career job).

After graduation, you start looking around for an opportunity to start your career. Suddenly, you find yourself in this whirlpool of candidates (all just as qualified as you) pining for the same entry-level position. What’s more, the worst part is that—nine times out of ten—the entry-level position has zero growth potential… Seasoned workforce veterans chalk it up to being the “first rung on the ladder”—a step you have to take just to gain experience and clear that “entry-level” label. And once you’ve put in (at least) two years of hard work, sweat and tears, only then can you move on and find a job within your desired career path… How can that be fair?

Let me be clear—it isn’t.

You worked hard in your four years at school; you went the extra mile, taking on additional work and responsibilities to help distinguish yourself (not to mention your huge monetary investment). So, why waste your time competing for a job with a dead end? 

You deserve to work for a company that recognizes your hard work—a company that wants to invest in you and your potential. A company that offers guaranteed growth potential.

Did you just graduate from college?
Did you major in programming or related field?
Are you passionate about development?

MainSpring’s Associate Developer career path may be the perfect fit for you.

Associate Application Developer

Job Location: Towson/Baltimore Metro Area
Type: Fulltime, Mon-Fri
Start Date: Immediately

The Developer is responsible for designing, developing and implementing creative application solutions for a variety of government and commercial U.S and international clients. The ideal developer is innovative and efficient, and will adhere to proven processes and standards outlined in the MainSpring Agile Development process.

Primary roles & responsibilities:
  • Develop and support software and database applications for the MainSpring client base as well as for internal projects
  • Ensure project development/features remain in scope and proactively communicate with the team and the client throughout the course of projects
  • Provide budget and schedule updates to the project manager
  • Schedule and actively contribute to project meetings
  • Manage change order process for projects
  • Meet/exceed billable utilization targets
  • Maintain proficiency and certification in development platforms as required ​
Job requirements & qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred, comparable experience required
  • Experience with FileMaker, Objective C, Swift, MySQL, HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Experience with the Agile development process preferred, not required
  • Fundamental knowledge of database and application design, scripting, data parsing, technical documentation
  • Knowledge of relational database design and concepts with a primary focus on FileMaker and PHP development
  • Demonstrate ability to work as part of an application development team; create task lists, timelines and deliverables, work to meet project schedules determined by others
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Demonstrated strong history of success with managing processes, people and projects
  • Must work out of Towson, MD office
About MainSpring

MainSpring is an IT strategy and consulting firm that arms organizations with the strategy, tools and resources to grow. We foster a family-friendly, innovative, challenging, fun working environment earning the distinction of being one of Frederick’s best places to work and countless awards for employee programs, growth and innovation.

Founded in 1993, MainSpring is headquartered in Frederick, Md., with offices in Florida, Ohio, Washington and Wisconsin. The firm supports a wide range of clients including businesses, nonprofits and government agencies, such as the Department of Defense.

Like our clients, people tend to stay at MainSpring. If you think you’re a match, let’s connect!

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  1. Dating State inside Union

    But with my new city came new issues. My high hopes and daily bus ride marriage fantasies were quickly dashed by off the married men, Noncommittal fuckbois, And my own a big deal lack of ambition. (Is it my fault burritos are so much easier to talk to?) Now I find myself back at the crux of continuous singledom. I’ve finally started to wonder charmingdate if it’s because my life is some sort of Never Been Kissed parody or if the fault lies with the city itself. Maybe Portland isn’t the dating mecca I dreamed song would be.

    Even after all these selection interviews, I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about Portland dating. this will depend on my mood, And the level of my hope for humanity which typically decreases with many times I’ve swiped Tinder that day. What I did learn from these generous interviewees is that I’m not alone in wading along with awkward Portland dating pool. Each of their stories reminded me any time dating, It’s best actually (with ourselves and your potential partner), reputable, And in which even if a date goes horribly wrong, You still walk away with a good story.

    Dating in Portland has been a fun occasionally the price frustrating experience. A lot of folks don’t seem to know what they need which is understandable, But when you mix that with the stereotype of Portlanders being flakes or passive aggressive in their interactions. It’s a combo that tends to lead to some berwilderment, discomfort, Or distress. If you know what you want, You will exceed! I’ve noticed that a lot of folks don’t really say what they already want, Or even know what they already want beyond “Being open to differing types of connections,

    I moved here for a job pointing art shows in Portland and Seattle. I knew no one and was completely comfortable visiting events on my own. I noticed that in this town, Girls would approach and hit on me 100 percent close to men would. When I brought this up to then new friend he said, “ohio, duh. I’ve lived here my well being and this is the Northwest way! any girl walks into a bar, Every man sees her, But then they all check around to see the other men who also notice her. If sort dudes walks up to hit on her, every other guy in the bar chuckles to their friends and says, “haya! understand this chump. She’s not traveling to say yes,

    Megan Burbank: online dating doesn’t do it for me. Or it hasn’t yet, anyhow. I have been on one Tinder date, possibly, And it was so fucking boring that i haven’t done it since. It felt sort like being kidnapped. You know things are bad when you find yourself fake laughing at a guy’s unfunny joke, While recollecting Amy Poehler’s advice to teenage girls not to laugh at a boy’s joke if it isn’t funny, And then comprehending the reach of internalized patriarchy (It’s in you!), And then with that said dude ask you to weigh in on his idea for an app, and you are like, “ohio, my apologies, I was just curious about systemic oppression, Maybe this was not such a better plan, have to go, It’s a school night, bye,

    the writer Flewelling: I liked online dating for quite a while in the sense of starting off with many questions answered that can never be known in real life. for instance such as, i am this dude is gay, the size of his age, And a brief summary about his interests. But not long ago i deleted my OkStupid account entirely. Now that I terribly lack that crutch, I find myself being pushed to make moves in real life when I may not. That was the discovery, Whereas before I would notice someone and NOT move, Even if it was just saying “hey there, Because I’d think I’d just roll through profiles on my phone later. No appreciate it! I want to meet a real person in the real world. I am connected with NetRippers, A LGBT soccer organization that puts queer soccer teams together. I’m accessible playing soccer with eligible bachelors because (their) i wish to meet real people, in addition (w) I’m being scouted due to Timbers.

    approximately Two (The blog and/or magic of making up) Is awesome for people questioning more about polyamory specifically. I also would recommend doing some soul searching and racking your brains on what you truly want. If it won’t feel like a good fit for you, Don’t have an open love affair just because other people are doing it. If you do not know whether it is for you or not, Keep an objective balance, Talk to many other non monogamous people for support, And handle things slowly! Letting someone down or feeling disappointed that your relationship styles don’t match provides great progress over getting really invested and breaking hearts or homes.

    Posted by Rickzab on June 28, 2022.

  2. Black teens explain dating in White communities

    As a sexuality educator, I think a lot about the meaning of relationships and how to share with you them with young people.Story continues below advertisementOne issue that comes up often is how difficult it can be to navigate interracial love affairs, asap. as per the many students, Parents and colleagues I speak with about interracial dating, It is still packed with challenge. And yet the teens I spoke to have the dialogue, Patience and general openness and acceptance required of one another has encouraged their growth and resilience. Their words and insights can help others push charmdate scam through those challenges and help parents and caregivers understand the difficulties they face.When gurus Black teens how race factors into dating, Jalynn, 18, using Philadelphia, Explained she wants to know whether a White guy is “Genuinely interested by me as a person and not some sexual fantasy because I’m Black,Mac Buckham white wine, 18, From alpharetta, pointed out the sexual expectations Black men face. When White girls express a pursuit, he was quoted saying he “Feels that I have to think of yourself as a stereotype. Putting up a front like that can be really stressful. One of my various insecurities is not living up to the hype, He provides, “When I’m in a the relationship, The performance anxiety loosens up and I feel like I can come in contact with my partner on a deeper level. It’s more significant and enjoyable,Many said they try to do your homework before dating someone, contacting mutual friends: Who has responsibility dated before? Have any been regular people of color or, immediately, schokohrrutige? What national politics do they express on social media?The issues faced by our teens who date someone of various race are many, But today’s generation appears to be making strides that previous generations didn’t. continues to, Many of the same issues exist, And our kids want us to need to know.Teens found that interracial dating adds an extra dose of vulnerability to relationships that can be exhausting. They still feel eyes on them if it is with White partners. but without doubt, informs me Jameson, 18, for Philadelphia, His former White wife didn’t notice those same looks. That just presented their different realities, he was quoted saying. not surprisingly, She once suggested they take a shortcut through an alley late at night, And he had to explain why that has to be risky for him to do.That vulnerability was also felt by an 18 year old from San Francisco who prides herself on being independent. but without doubt, While in her White boyfriend’s regional, she is “Trusting them to protect your Blackness in their White space, She had to talk about. She was taught to will never need a White man but finds herself “needing to wear this one,And Black boys highlighted how stressful it is to meet a White partner’s parents, still. “there does exist so much pressure to be as proper as I can be, One says. “I need to complete a stereotype,speaking with teach, Teaching to talkThe teens I spoke with found that it can be difficult to communicate their reality as a Black person dating a White person to their partner. But it’s necessary to maintain a healthy interracial intimate. “It is also a tremendous challenge because if you can’t reach a mutual experience, It’s tough to improve,The teens admitted there’s a solidarity and ease when dating of their own race. “If Black Lives Matter comes up and I’m dating inside my race, I feel a sense of solidarity and affinity with my partner, Jameson informs me. “It’s a relief sometimes to be able to just talk to them without needing to teach,These teens said they demand allies, But it’s though not always simple. They wished for permissive acceptance a genuine interest in what it’s like to be a Black American. They also valued a willingness to make mistakes and learn from them. Their partners need to be willing to call people out because many people come across as supportive of social justice but then talk in questionable ways in today’s world. “in the event you there, articulate something, Noelle urged.Jameson appreciates that “It can be hard to speak up in a moment when something racist has been said. It needs time to work, Practice and growth to learn how to composure,When asked about sexual inclination, Many regarded that identifying as anything other than straight is challenging. “With so much trauma adjacent difference, Embracing divergence is scary, alleges Nadine Thornhill, A sexuality educator in Toronto who determines as a queer Black woman. She noticed that young Black people are already more of a target than their White peers because of race, So identifying as gay or queer would make them even more susceptible.All parents want to keep their children safe. Maintaining the equilibrium of minimizing harm and wanting kids to live their truth and find love can be tough for some Black parents, She identified.Story continues below advertisementBy the time the girls become young people, they have been socialized to believe their needs and wants are less important than the expectations of the dominant culture and are less likely to insist on consensual sexual interactions. To develop agency and autonomy, Thornhill states, Parents had better be more explicit about a young woman’s entitlement to comfort, Safety and pleasure in their own personal bodies,Provide love and support and be the safe person to hold space for children to vent and questionthings, And remind them that it may remember to be brave enough to be who you fully are in the world, But it is usually okay to be that person with me, Thornhill advises mother and father. She encourages families to create jobs for kids to be with other kids with similar identities to build community and affirm identity. Nonprofit others, Churches and other groups often provide solutions for Black children to see themselves in their communities in ways their school may not.Heyliger contemplates the impact of adults putting young Black people in settings where extremely one of a few, And then creating the expectation that they must find someone to connect with. Some of the kids discussed how they don’t feel Black enough to date within their race and are naturally drawn to White partners because that is the city where they spend most of their time.A Black school administrator in san francisco said adults should ask their teens, “Who are you and what do you want to get out of any relationship, He says they need to make sure Black teens understand that the stakes and risks are higher for them than for their peers. “We need to help young Black people weigh those risks and understand the difference between what they need to really be afraid of and what calculated risks can allow them to enjoy themselves while ensuring their safety, he states.Every relationship is unique because of people who come together to create it. One thing all care providers should note: These teens shared with me mainly because I asked and was willing to listen until I heard the truth. That is last but not least what we all long for: An authentic connection in which we experience a sense of belonging and acceptance.And so just stifle your creativity advice to adults who want to know how to help their children have healthy relationships? hear.

    Posted by Kleifgenjxx on August 16, 2022.

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