ProSuiteNew Hire

Are you hiring a new employee?

Use this form to complete the employee new hire setup request. Once submitted a ticket will be created and the work will be performed as instructed.

    Name of person filling out this form.

    Email address of person filling out this form.

    The company name this employee is employed under.

    The first name of the new user.

    The last name of the new user.

    The desired email address to use. Unless a specific email is requested here, the email address will be standard first initial + last name. This email address will also be used as the domain login for the new user.

    This is the date the new hire will be starting their first day of work.

    Employee's title.

    Employee's phone number.

    The person responsible for the management of this employee.

    The name and location of the workstation, computer or laptop to be used by this employee?

    Does this user need a phone extension and voicemail access setup? Please provide the extension you want the new employee to have.

    Does this employee need any particular access levels to any special folders or network shares?

    Provide a list of drive letters and the shares they should be mapped to. Example: U: = fileserverusersmyuser

    A list of printers the user will need access to? Example: HP Deskjet on fileserver

    Should this user be joined to one or more distribution (email) groups? Please give group names here.

    Please list all applications that you know of that the user needs to perform his or her duties. Please specify if you need our engineer to reach out for further clarification.

    Other network resources can be anything from access to Quickbooks, Microsoft SQL servers, Web Admin portals, scanners, etc...

    Equipment that connects up directly to the employees workstation. Scanners, printers, plotters, sketch pads, video camera, etc?

    Use this area for any extra notes or comments you want us to know about.


    Enter the blue text you see to the right.